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Dear [insert name of TD and also send a separate one to the Minister for Finance]

I am outraged that people in Ireland have now joined millions of people worldwide repaying unjust and illegitimate debts.

Ireland’s repayments of the now dead Anglo-Irish Bank’s debts will reach over €47 billion by 2031. That’s over €26,000 per working person.

The debts run up by the former Anglo-Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide Building Society are not the responsibility of people living in Ireland – they are the responsibility of those who lent recklessly to Anglo. Yet we, the people, have been saddled with repaying the debts through so-called ‘promissory notes’, of which the next, amounting to €3.1 billion, falls due on 31st March.

This money could and should be used to maintain and expand public services and provide a desperately needed stimulus to the depressed economy.

I call on the you to support an immediate suspension of these repayments and to advocate that the Irish Government enter into negotiations with the relevant parties, including the European Central Bank, to ensure that this unjust debt is written down in full.

Yours sincerely,

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