Media Coverage

Wednesday 25th January

Today, we’ll pay €1.25billion to bondholders. This must be stopped

With the country in dire straits, we’re handing the equivalent of Ireland’s entire primary school budget to bondholders. This must end, writes Andy Storey in

Tuesday 24th January

The Guardian: Zombie Banks Dragging Ireland into the Ground

“As in many other countries hit by debt crisis over the decades, Ireland’s people are starting to fight back. Activists from thinktanks, community groups, trade unions and international campaigns have launched a campaign calling for a suspension of the Anglo payments.”

Monday 23rd January

The Scott Williams Show

Nessa Ní Chasaide from Debt Justice Action responds to Minister Leo Varadkar’s claims that making the Anglo payments are in Ireland’s best interests, and that the money used to repay Anglo debts has no connection with austerity cuts.

Wednesday 18th January

Tonight With Vincent Browne

John Bissett and Michael Taft discuss the new campaign to suspend the Anglo debt and negotiate a full writedown.

RTE – Drivetime

Andy Storey is interviewed by Mary Wilson. Segment starts at 55 mins in.

RTE Late Debate

Andy Storey outlines why we need to stop the Anglo payments.

The Guardian

“A coalition of trade unionists, faith groups and international debt relief campaigners, called Debt Justice Action, is highlighting the social costs of keeping up repayments on the bonds of Ireland’s bailed-out banking sector.”

The Irish Times

“The group denied that the suspension of Anglo payments would spread contagion through the European financial system as most of the Anglo debt is owed to central banks and Anglo is an isolated problem from the so-called Irish “pillar” banks”

Maman Poulet

“A pause while we get a write down and stop rolling over and paying debts that are not ‘ours’ would be in line with the policy of both parties in government before the last election. Not that they seem to remember that. It is high time that they were reminded.”

Booming Back

“This payment… is almost exactly equal to the cuts of €475m to Social Protection, €543m in Health and €52.9m in Overseas Aid, and “savings” of €132.3m in Education announced by the Government over the course of two budget days back in December.”