Campaign Information

This section includes factual resources explaining the campaign, Anglo debt and the promissory notes, economic terms and the debt incurred by each county in Ireland.

The ‘How To Education Pack’ is a useful resource for anyone interested in the various aspects of the campaign, how to talk to other people about the issues, how to set up a public meeting in your community, how to approach your local TDs and how to contact campaign spokespeople.

 Debt per country breakdown

 ‘How To’ Education Pack

 Q&A on Anglo debt

 Economic Jargon Buster

Listen to an introduction to promissory notes here:


These powerpoints are useful resources for displaying and understanding how the debt, the promissory notes and ELAs. They can be used for personal education and at public meetings.

 DJA powerpoint

 TASC powerpoint

Poster, Flyer and Sign-up sheet Templates

The following are examples of posters used for public meetings in Dublin and Carlow. There is a prototype in Word format, which you can alter according to the specifics of your meeting, and a sign-up sheet which you can use to retain contact information of people who attend.

 Carlow Poster

 Dublin Poster

 Sample Meeting Poster

 Sample sign-up sheet