Extended extract from a 5/12/12 broadcast by DCTV’s The Live Register.
Includes extracts from “Common Threads – A Creative Summit on Debt Cancellation” that took place on December 1st 2012, and an interview with Debt Justice Action’s Nessa Ní Chasaide regarding the Anglo promissory notes. Note: These notes were subsequently transferred into sovereign bonds following the liquidation of IBRC, thereby completing the full transfer of private debts onto the Irish public.

After years of hard knocks, Ireland is poised for recognition on the world stage — an application is being lodged with the office of the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Expensive Bank Bondholder Bailout, per capita. Ireland’s bail out is 4 times higher per capita than that of Greece. If Europe needs a ‘win’, Ireland can surely deliver.

John Bissett, a community worker from Canal Communities, talks about the devastating effects of the Austerity cuts and why we shouldn’t be paying the Anglo debt.

St Patrick & That Promisssssory Note. The man himself reminds us that Anglo debt is illegitimate, stemming as it does from an organisation that is still under a very slow moving criminal investigation.

What are the Anglo/INBS promissory notes, how much will they cost the Irish State and where is the money going? Over the next 20 years, a total of €30.6 will be paid, with a further €16 billion of interest which will need to be borrowed by the state, leading to even further spending cuts. This video explains the origin of the notes and why they need to be suspended.

Money talks. Make sure your money says: “Not For Anglo”

Galway people protest Anglo debt payment…. with a nod to Bob Dylan.